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Year 9 Outdoor Recreation 2018

Our Year 9s have been participating in lots of activities in the last couple of weeks. Our snorkeling day at Portsea was very successful with all students enjoying a boat trip out to “Popes Eye” and “Chinaman’s Hat” in the middle of Port Phillip Bay. Students snorkeled around Popes Eye, a marine sanctuary, seeing lots of fish life and marine habitats. It is also the only nesting site for the Australasian Gannet, a seabird that can dive up to 30 metres underwater. At Chinaman’s Hat, the students got up close and personal with Australian Fur Seals which was a highlight. These playful animals seemed to enjoy our company and were very lively in the water, the students enjoyed the day and the wildlife that was encountered.

Last week our students participated in a Rock Climbing session at ‘Hardrock Climbing’ in Nunawading. This session challenges many students and provides them with an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone. All students were able to complete some climbs with many students making it all the way to the top - 20 metres in the air. This activity also improves the student’s ability to trust each other as they “belay” for their partners and look after them while climbing the walls. The students were very responsible and demonstrated excellent persistence and effort.