VCAL Challenge

Senior VCAL students embarked on a challenge named “Live Below the Line” (LBL) in the last week of Term 2. This is a famine type challenge where the students must live off $2 a day for two days. Whilst they are completing this challenge, their goal is to raise funds to provide health and education to the needy in Timor Leste and disadvantaged areas of Australia.

The students formed groups and devised meal plans, all the while contemplating whether this challenge was achievable or not. Planning two days of meals on a mere $4 was a difficult challenge for every individual. Together we spent a morning at the supermarket comparing bargains and purchasing the maximum amount of food possible within budget.

The class managed to raise $302.04. Well done to the entire team of students who worked on this project, in particular those who raised money for the cause and those who managed to complete the two-day food challenge. This achievement was proof to the students that you can do anything you set your mind to.