University Winter School

On Sunday, 16 July, four students from the Year 12 Literature class were accompanied by our teacher Ms Headon to attend the University of Melbourne’s Winter School Program. This optional excursion during the school holidays was a fantastic opportunity to explore one of our texts, Cate Kennedy’s Dark Roots, in greater depth.

Our group attended a tutorial presented by Dr Susan Pyke, who provided us with rich material about the text itself, while also giving us an insight into conquering our exam in November. Dr Pyke was able to inform us about key ideas that may not have been discussed in our classes, as well as allowing us to converse with other students from a variety of schools, providing us with an array of new themes to think more about. The tutorial itself additionally let us get to know the uni as well as university life in general.

Going to the Winter School was an opportunity that I’m glad I took and would take again, as it enriched my studies and gave me a basis, recognised by VCE examiners, for tackling the end of year exam.

Casey Psinas, Year 12 Student