Summit Camp

For three days, the majority of the Year 8s went on a camp called The Summit in Trafalgar. The point of the camp was to: have fun, play together, get comfortable being uncomfortable, not go home saying ‘what if…’ and make mistakes. These were our guidelines or challenges set by the staff so we could enjoy ourselves and make unforgettable memories.

Over the course of the three days, we participated in a range of activities that would help build team work and confidence in ourselves. The activities included things like the Giant Swing, Bush Challenge, Rock Climbing, Flying Fox and Laser Skirmish. The camp also had some really unique activities like the Leap of Faith. On the Leap of Faith, we climbed 10m high and jumped 1.5m out onto a bar and then dropped back to the ground whilst upside down. We also held snakes, walked across a bed of nails, went in a pitch black cave and climbed the Summit Window. The Summit Window is amazing. After ascending the 30m building, you climb out onto a ladder from which a steel pole protrudes upwards and there is a small spot to place your feet. Once you’re ready, you lean back in your harness and gaze at the incredible view that is the camp and surrounds.

In our teams, we worked to complete the Snowy River Challenge. In this activity we had to all help each other over a 3m wall, walk across a log over a body of water and crawl through a ‘wombat hole’. Everyone got very muddy in the wombat hole but everyone felt great after completing it.

On our final afternoon at The Summit, all the tribes completed The Monster Challenge, even the teachers. This was definitely the highlight of our camp. All participants ran 5km around the camp whilst crawling through mud and doing some crazy activities! We commando crawled through mud pits with barbed wire inches from our heads, went on a huge rope net over a large pond and more. Everyone did this whilst hauling tyres too! This whole activity bonded our tribes and we sure did get muddy! The Summit Camp was by far our favourite camp we’ve ever been on and we’d love to do it all over again.