Secondhand Books

2019 Second-Hand Book Sale - Registration opens Monday 18th November at 9am

The Second Hand Book Sale will take place on Thursday, 12 December, 5pm to 7pm. You can purchase books either by completing an online pre-purchase form OR by purchasing on sale night. Online pre-purchasing is encouraged and forms are processed in date order. Second hand books are for sale at 65% of the cost of a new book.

Links to the book lists for sale/purchase:

Book list Y7-9.pdf          Book list Y10-12 page1.pdf        Book list Y10-12 page2.pdf

SELLING BOOKS (25% commission fee deducted per book)

a) Complete the online selling form below by Friday 29 November.

b) Call or email us with your bank account details. Money will be deposited in February.

c) Hand in your books to the Library between Monday 2 and Thursday 5 December.

d) On Friday 13 December, check the report on Compass to see if your books sold.

e) Collect any unsold books by Wednesday 18 December.

No late changes to forms nor late submission of books will be accepted. 


PRE-PURCHASING BOOKS ($5.00 processing cost per child order)

a) Complete the pre-purchase form below by Friday 29 November.

b) Call or email us with your credit card details. Credit cards will be charged prior to sale night.

c) We will notify you by phone if there are no books available.

d) On Thursday 12 December, collect your paid books from the Library between 5pm – 7pm, from the express line. Please check the books you receive.

No late changes to orders nor early collections of books will be accepted. No refunds will be issued after payment is processed. 



a) On Thursday 12 December, go to the Library between 5pm – 7pm. Tick the books you would like to buy on the form provided. There is no guarantee these books will be available.

b) Go to the sales line and collect your books. Please check the books you receive.

c) Pay at the cashier. Payments accepted are cash, debit or credit card.

No refunds will be issued after payment.