School Council Elections

Each year half of the elected members of Norwood College Council, like all school councils in Victorian state schools, come up for election or re-election. All voting and the establishment of a school council must be completed by 31 March 2017. School council is the governing body of the school with overall responsibility for its ethos, programs and direction.

Norwood’s College Council consists of 13 members of whom 8 are elected parent representatives, 3 are elected staff representatives and 2 are appointed community members. Appointed members are appointed annually by the school council. The Principal is also a member of council. In general, school councillors are elected for two years and are eligible to renominate at the end of each two year period and stand for re-election.

This year, nominations will be called for three parent members of council and two staff (DE&T employee) representatives. Current members of council are eligible to renominate for these positions.

A timeline and a notice calling for nominations for school council elections are included in the newsletter dated Friday, 10 February.

All members of the College community are urged to consider standing for School Council, either as new or returning candidates. People wishing to stand for election can either nominate themselves, or be nominated by eligible voters. Nomination forms are available from Louise Delaney at the College.

Community and staff members who have questions about the role of Council, the workload etc., are encouraged to direct their questions to me via Louise Delaney at the College on 9871 0400.

Catherine Wright, College Council President