Illuminate 'nextgen Challenge': Norwood is Runners Up!

In June, seven Year 10 boys took part in the ‘Illuminate: nextgen Challenge’ at Deakin University. The challenge was run as a competition by Illuminate Education in partnership with the Deakin Business School and included lectures by Deakin academics and other industry professionals. The boys worked in two teams to generate a ‘Sustainable Living’ social enterprise business plan, competing against teams from Ivanhoe Grammar School and Mackinnon Secondary College.

The brief was to develop a product based on sustainable principals. One team consisted of Tyler Parker, Will Mackenzie, Connor MacDonald and Tex Langford. The boys developed their business plan around a recyclable case for a mobile phone called Recycase. The other team consisted of Keigan Dingey, Michael Ly and Dean Kelso. This group developed their business plan based on a recyclable sports shoe.

Over the course of the week the teams conducted market research, developed business plans and financial tables, pitched their products to the judges and produced trade displays. The week culminated in students presenting their products at an Award Ceremony on the Friday night. Ms Singh and I attended the ceremony and all teams had impressive displays and spoke about their products in an informative and passionate manner. It was with great excitement that the Recycase team of Tyler Parker, Will Mackenzie, Connor MacDonald and Tex Langford won the Student Voted – Best Business Award. It was even more exciting when this team were announced as Runner-up Best Business! The boys won a prize of $90 for themselves and $750 for the school.

All the boys should be very proud of their efforts, resilience and persistence. It was a very challenging and meaningful learning experience. They had all expressed an interest in taking part in the challenge and I am sure they learnt a lot about the world of business. The boys are also to be congratulated on their mature approach throughout the week and the enthusiasm and creative ideas they showed in developing their products. The support of the parents who attended the Awards Ceremony was much appreciated by the boys and staff.

Finally, I would like to thank the teachers who helped through the week: Ms Shalini Singh, Ms Lisa Walmsley, Mrs Jackie Harris and Mr Paul Goh. Thanks also to Mr Sloane for attending the presentations on Friday.

Susan Marshallsea, Head of Year 10 and Shalini Singh, Year 10 Coordinator

Last week a group of my classmates from our Business class attended Deakin University for the ‘Illuminate: nextgen Challenge’. This was a program where students could further understand Business and Economics. The challenge that Deakin gave us was to create a sustainable business that could operate and generate profit. Skills such as time management, public speaking and rapid note taking were used and improved as the week progressed. We went up against two other schools (with seven teams) and managed to place runner-up in the Best Business Award. Coming runners up got us $90 each and $750 for Norwood. All in all, we had a wonderful week, developed new skills and made new friends. An awesome experience with an awesome reward.

Connor MacDonald

Throughout the whole of last week, my teammates (Michael and Dean) and I spent the week at Deakin University, participating in the ‘Illuminate: nextgen Challenge’. The challenge was to make a sustainable, environmentally friendly product, with our product being a football boot made from recycled materials. It was a big project, made out of many different components and various, difficult challenges. One of those challenges was to create a lengthy business plan detailing how our business operated to its finance. We attended various seminars and overall was a challenging, yet fun experience.

Keigan Dingey