House Cross Country

The House Cross Country Carnival was held on Thursday, 4 May. The event consisted of a 3km course, which started and finished at Mullum Reserve, travelling local streets and the Mullum Creek Trail. Students had the choice to either run in their age group or join the open walking event.

Student participation was excellent across all events. Congratulations go to all competitors who completed their event, especially those who were able to run the whole course.

The winner of the race for each age group and gender determines the age group champions for the Cross Country. The 2017 champion are:

13 Year Girls Isabella Whelan

13 Year Boys Harper Mutton

14 Year Girls Elise Prunty

14 Year Boys Connor Brincat

15 Year Girls Charlotte Lord

15 Year Boys Cameron Noonan

16 Year Girls Lauren Oakley

16 Year Boys Aiden Pemberton

17 Year Girls Tamara Pappin

17 Year Boys Sebastian Kostas

20 Year Girls Eloise Scott

20 Year Boys Jesse Poole

All runners who placed in the first 10 finishers for their age group, will represent the College in the District Cross Country Competition later this month.

All competitors who completed the course received points for their house. The total house points for are as follows:

1st place: Maroondah 732 points

2nd place: Yarra 614 points

3rd place: Mullum 592 points

4th place: Kalinda 498 points

Congratulations to all students in Maroondah house who have consistently demonstrated a high level of participation in all of the Sports Carnivals for 2017. Maroondah has received the most house points for all three carnivals this year including Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.