Enrichment Program

At Norwood we are proud to offer an Enrichment Program (EP) beginning at Year 7, for students identified as highly motivated to achieve academically. These students tend to be intellectually curious, enjoy the challenge of extra academic stimulation and are able to work both independently and collaboratively to achieve their goals.

Enrichment not Acceleration

The program is designed to emphasise an enrichment of the current curriculum and to assist in the development of critical thinking skills that are universally important to achieve educational excellence.

There is an expectation that these students will involve themselves in all aspects of College life, such as national competitions, sports, performing arts and leadership.

The Program 

There will be one class of 25 students per year level, with students expected to undertake a full six years of study. The class will stay together for the first three years.

There will be a greater emphasis placed on the study of more complex and abstract concepts, with opportunities to undertake self-directed inquiry based learning. Students can expect the work to be challenging but rewarding at the same time.

As they progress into Year 10, students will undertake an expanded VCE program over three years, possible undertaking some University subjects. Students therefore cover course work at a faster pace by typically undertaking one Unit 1 and 2 VCE study in Year 10 and subsequently complete a greater number and range of VCE subjects by the end of Year 12.


Entry is by application only. The selection process considers external achievement testing, parent input and former primary school teacher assessment, as well as strong student commitment to the program. Any queries can be directed to Alexis Watson on 9871 0400.

Due to the Department of Education and Training guidelines, student testing can only occur once confirmation of enrolment has taken place. The EP Testing will take place from 9am to 11.45am on Saturday, 29 August in the College Library.

Registration will close on Monday, 24 August 2020.  

Cost: $82.50 

Note: Payment is made at the end of this registration process online. If payment is not made, your registration WILL NOT be valid.

All students are eligible to sit the Edutest EP Testing at Norwood, regardless of initial secondary school placements. If you have any questions about the Edutest or placement requests, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Alexis Watson, Director of Curriculum/EP Coordinator or Miss Priscilla Ryles-Smith, Head of Year 7 and Transition.  

As the selection process considers students holistically, Norwood requires applicants to the Enrichment Program to submit a student portfolio consisting of:

  • A letter written/typed by the student detailing their interest in and suitability for the program

  • A letter from the parent endorsing the student’s application

  • Recommendation from the student’s Year 6 teacher

  • A copy of the student’s Year 5 NAPLAN results

  • Any additional documentation to support the application (i.e. awards, co-curricular involvement, community service, work/writing samples)

This portfolio is to be submitted on the testing date listed above.

To register for testing, please click on the link below to complete the Edutest application form and make payment. 

2020 Registration Link - 


EP 2020 Flyer.pdf