Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition

Recently, the Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition was held at the Alliance Française in St Kilda. This prestigious competition has been running for more than 120 years and this year, 11,488 students from 110 schools competed for a place in the finals. Norwood had 109 students participate from Years 7, 8 and 9 and there was a large number of outstanding results.

After the first round of state-wide competition:

Year 7 had 3049 students participate of which 180 were finalists

Year 8 had 2725 students participate of which 192 were finalists

Year 9 had 2042 students participate of which 130 were finalists

From this cohort, there were four Norwood students who made it as finalists – this meant they achieved a perfect score in the first round of the competition! These students were: Roderick Norman (Year 7), Caitlin Mueck (Year 7), Ebony Brice (Year 8) and Emma Roberts (Year 9). What an amazing achievement! It is a testament to their diligence and motivation and I congratulate them on this. These four represented themselves beautifully and wore the College uniform with pride. Well done!